Repair & Disposal

We’re Proud To Provide Our Customers With Flag Repair And Modification Services

When it comes to wear and tear, it is best to pursue repair sooner rather than later. Some flags are sadly beyond saving, but we’re happy to provide guidance on how to best dispose of your U.S. flag.


Fly End Cutting & Hemming

Repair & Disposal

The fly end of a flag is the loose end that tatters in the wind over time. Our craftsmen can cut away and hem the tattered section.

Fly End Reinforcement

Repair & Disposal

By reinforcing the loose end (fly end) of your flag with additional stitching, we can prevent and slow tattering. Available for all flag sizes.

Pole Hem

Repair & Disposal

Our craftsmen can add a pole hem to any flag, so your flag can drape beautifully indoors or take part in a parade.

Rope & Thimble Pole Attachment

Repair & Disposal

Recommended for flags measuring 8×12 feet and larger, rope and thimble pole attachments offers a heavier-duty alternative to classic grommets.


Repair & Disposal

Our craftsmen can sew fringe onto any flag to provide a classic formal flair. Recommended for parade flags and indoor ceremonial display.

Corner Reinforcement

Repair & Disposal

Recommended for large flags, our craftsmen patch the loose (fly end) corners of your flag to more effectively prevent damage.

Non-Tangle Rod Patching

Repair & Disposal

Designed for flags attached to buildings, a grommeted patch is sewn to the bottom of your flag. A rod connects from the flagpole to the patch in order to prevent tangling.

Header & Grommets

Repair & Disposal

Our craftsmen can add a header and grommets to any flag. We can also adjust grommets for horizontal hanging.


Can my American Flag be repaired?

In order to determine whether we can repair your U.S. flag, start by examining your stars and stripes…

Repair & Disposal


If your flag’s intact and untattered stripes are longer than (or equal to) the length of its star field, our skilled craftsmen can fully repair your flag.

Repair & Disposal


If your flag’s intact stripes are shorter than the length of its star field, it is unfortunately beyond repair. It’s time to find a replacement.


When the time comes to retire your American Flag, you have a few options.

Repair & Disposal

Dispose at Home

In accordance with the U.S. Flag Code, you can bury or burn your U.S. flag at home. When burying, fold and enclose your flag in a wooden box. Before burning, check local fire laws and regulations.

* Due to toxic fume risks, burning is only recommended for 100% cotton flags *
Repair & Disposal

Veterans of Foreign Wars

You can contact your local VFW Post for assistance on how to properly dispose of your U.S. Flag. They have drop boxes in some locations near their post.

Repair & Disposal

The American Legion

You can surrender your unserviceable flag at your local American Legion post. Most American Legion posts conduct a Disposal of Unserviceable Flag Ceremony each year on Flag Day (June 14th).

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